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t.hub – The enterprise content operations workflow

A global content operating model includes technologies and processes to manage security, localization, compliance, and workflows to enable local and culturally relevant digital experiences – on a global and local scale.

(Source: Forrester Consulting)

It may sound complicated but it describes the crux of the matter. And that’s why we developed the t.hub.

t.hub in a nutshell

How t.hub integrates, unravels and reinvents your existing processes.

What you can expect from t.hub

Efficient content handling processes

By bringing all of your content-related activities together on t.hub, you will benefit from a tremendous increase in transparency with regard to costs and quality. All of your supplier interactions become visible not only for the individual user but also for the centralized language desk, procurement and the organization as a whole – regardless of where in the world the translation takes place or is ordered.

A customizable dashboard presents an overview of all your translation activities, supplier relationships, costs according to geographic location, languages and departments.

Identifying cost drivers and allocating costs to the correct cost centers then becomes a matter of course.

The system provides:

  • Ongoing evaluations of internal and external resources, quality control, and other resources involved in the process.
  • Allocation of costs to the respective cost centers.
  • Predefined, user-specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI), and traceability for operations and compliance purposes.
  • Online statistical data and analyses available in real time.
  • Option for exporting all statistical data into external data warehouses.

Transparency on processes, costs and quality

At the heart t.hub’s lies a technology that allows you to simplify, revamp and streamline your content operations processes. The result is a smarter work environment, lower costs and reduced inefficiency.

The system offers:

  • End-to-end integration of all participants in the process, regardless of whether they work in your company or outside of it.
  • One shared, global platform for all participants.
  • Customizable, flexible workflows for your company-specific implementations.
  • Template-based automation of all process steps.
  • Reduction/elimination of manual work processes. The focus is on exception handling.

Easy allocation of orders and resources

A key challenge for all internal and external service providers is the selection of available, competent and affordable resources to execute a specific order.

Our system allows for the manual, semi-automated or fully automated selection of the right translators.

A specially tailored user interface is available for the manual selection of resources, enabling experienced users to quickly handle large volumes of orders as well.

In the semi- and fully automated resource allocation process, templates and supplier groups aid in allocating resources to specific orders.

Broad supplier base and professional sourcing

Work with a broad range of specialized and highly qualified providers without experiencing a drastic increase in complexity and costs. Your sourcing processes are supported by a public marketplace. The system offers modern tools, such as sourcing auctions and automated tender processes, for pricing negotiations with your existing and future providers.

  • Processes with all suppliers are integrated into your workflow using one common interface. Switching suppliers is very easy.
  • Adding additional suppliers does not incur any additional costs.
  • Efficient supplier management.
  • Automatic discount calculations based on volume, quality or other parameters as defined in the respective supplier’s contract.
  • Public profiles of external resources with skills, expertise and pricing are kept strictly separate from the parameters you negotiated with the respective supplier.

Compliance & Security

t.hub enterprise and t.hub marketplace are available as an SaaS model. The systems operate within an ISO 27001-certified private cloud.

The process and application architecture ensures that your data is protected at all times. Any changes to your data and all process steps are logged and can be audited at any time.

  • Sensitive data never leaves the system.
  • All communication takes place within the platform. Your documents are never transmitted by email or other forms of unsecured technology.
  • All key activities and interactions are logged for compliance purposes and for the benefit of project managers.
  • The application operates within a private cloud managed by an ISO 27001-certified data center in the EU, Switzerland or in a jurisdiction of your choice.