The company

We are a Swiss company and have developed one of the leading translation management systems for medium and large organizations.

t.hub’s solution integrates company-wide and cross-company workflows and guarantees high-quality translations, security and confidentiality at a fraction of what normal systems cost.

Our team draws on over 22 years of experience in the translation industry as well as profound knowledge of B2B integration and e-procurement.

The company is owned by its founders and operates out of Switzerland.

t.hub’s close and longstanding partnership with CSF AG ensures the secure and stable operation of our systems, which are run in highly secure datacentres in Switzerland.

The company is ISO 27001 certified, which guarantees our clients and suppliers the highest standards of confidentiality, security and compliance.

Our Team

Thomas Flatt Co-founder of t.hub ag

Thomas’ career has been driven by his desire to discover new things and change, develop or even reinvent business processes. He has accomplished this as a consultant, manager and founder of many different companies. He gained his most relevant experience for creating t.hub during his time as CEO of Conextrade, one of the few initial Swiss internet startups to survive the e-business collapse in 2000. He was one of the early evangelists in the domain of e-procurement and electronic marketplaces. When he heard about the idea for t.hub, it was immediately clear to him that it represented the next step in B2B integration in a very special niche market. This made him extremely enthusiastic about accepting the invitation of Herbie and Markus to join the team at t.hub.

Herbert (Herbie) Spettel Co-founder of t.hub ag

Herbie started his career as an engineer in the late 1970s at the Federal Institute of Technology ETH in Zurich – still in the era of punchcards – from where he moved on to study business economics at the University of Zurich. In his first job at Basler Versicherung, he was involved in introducing the first PCs into the insurance company. That was still back in the days when IT was full of true pioneers and was only really accessible to a select few. Despite the freedom he enjoyed there, Herbie was too much of an entrepreneur and decided to strike out on his own. Together with the Dettwiler Group, he founded his first company in the US, which he grew in its very first year of existence to over USD 1 million in revenues. Later, he joined forces with his former co-worker from Basler Versicherung, Markus Haas, and they founded CSF AG. Whether it was luck or a clever strategy, we will never know, but now, over 20 years later, CSF is the leading IT service provider for the translation industry.

Markus Haas Co-founder of t.hub ag

Markus began his career as a marketing assistant at Basler Versicherung, the same insurance company where he first met his future business partner, Herbie Spettel. Although he enjoyed the customer-oriented activities, he quickly focused on the foundational processes – and their inefficiency. It was at this time that IT was enabling completely new concepts in redesigning processes. Markus was fascinated and, as many did back then, became a self-taught IT specialist. His affinity for technology and his entrepreneurial mindset made him leap at the chance when his former colleague, Herbie Spettel, asked him become a co-founder of CSF AG. One of their first clients later became the largest language service provider in Switzerland. The strong customer relationship they developed was the foundation of CSF’s future strategic focus on the translation industry. This experience was also the impetus that led to the founding of t.hub and the development of t.hub enterprise.


We work very closely with CSF AG. Its more than 22 years of experience in the language service industry makes this IT service provider the ideal partner for us.

CSF AG specializes in secure IT services, hosting, datacentre operations and software development.

The ISO 27001-certified company operates all of its technologies in Switzerland, where all of the employees who have access to the systems are also based.