About you

Your organization is active in a multicultural environment with a wide variety of languages. While professional communication aimed at your target customers is extremely important to you, you still desire efficient processes and above-average results at an affordable price.

As a global company you want to leverage local expertise and global standards. You know how important it is to speak the language of your customers, suppliers and employees

Hence a global content operating model and highly efficient localization processes are part of your strategy.

You have subsidiaries all over the world

You market your product or services in multiple countries and languages. The translation of manuals, supporting documents and product labels is typically carried out in these countries. Your local organizations have developed contacts with specialist translators. Use t.hub to make this knowledge and these resources available to your entire global organization.

Communication is part of your offering

It makes sense that producing high-quality publications, films or games requires collaborations with highly specialized professionals who are not only familiar with the language and all its nuances but also understand your industry. This means you want to work with as many providers as possible and the most talented experts available around the world. Classic procurement strategies limit the number of suppliers and partners. At t.hub, we eliminate the complexity costs of working with a large number of suppliers and enable you to scale with minimum costs.

You manage websites and publications in multiple languages

You work hard to keep your website up to date. A content management system is the core element in this process. Like many companies you face the challenge that translations are not part of the standard workflow a CMS provides. It lacks the tools to integrate internal and external suppliers and is not suited to manage these resources on a company-wide basis. Use t.hub’s unique features and combine it with your CMS to get the best out of these highly specialized applications.

You work in a regulated environment

From pharmaceutical companies and banks to industrial companies, all regulators continue to raise the standards regarding compliance. This includes all documents – originals and translations alike. The simplest and most cost-effective way to achieve full compliance is to make compliance part of the process of producing data and documents.

With t.hub, all workflows are monitored, tracked and can be audited at any time.

Data for forensic analysis is provided directly by the system.

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